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Welcome to Maid This Way, where our operational policies are meticulously outlined to ensure clarity and satisfaction for our valued clients. Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to our payment procedures, administrative protocols, and cleaning standards. We pride ourselves on transparency, efficiency, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service in every aspect of our operations. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If we are very busy, you may get our voice mail. We return our calls promptly. If you reach us after hours, your call will be returned by our next business day.​

Holiday Closure:

We are closed on holidays and do not provide cleaning services on these designated days. We look forward to serving you promptly during our regular business hours.


  1. We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Cheque or Cash.

  2. Payment is due at the time of service. "No Payment/ No Clean", we may not clean your home if payment is not present or you are behind on payments.

  3. Credit/ Visa Debit Card Payments:

    • Clients are required to provide credit card information at the time of booking to secure their appointment.​​

    • The credit card will be authorized for the full amount of the cleaning service prior to the appointment.

    • Payment will be processed automatically after the cleaning service is completed, using the authorized credit card unless an alternative payment method is provided.

    • Recurring Billing: The credit card on file will be charged automatically for each scheduled cleaning service according to the agreed-upon frequency.


We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, requiring changes to your scheduled cleaning appointment. To accommodate such situations while also respecting our staff's time and scheduling commitments, we have implemented the following cancellation policy:

  1. ​In the event that the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours notice to Maid This Way is required. Notice may be given by email, SMS (text), or phone.

  2. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment may be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.

  3. Cancellations on the day off may be subject a cancellation fee of 50% of your cleaning price 

Cleaning Rates:

We reserve the right to adjust client rates at any time. You will be notified 30 days prior to any price increases. As the needs or conditions of you home changes you may receive a price increase. If a client discontinues and reinstates service with Maid this Way after a period of 3 months the original price is not guaranteed, and a new rate may be given.

Key/ Codes/ Alarms:

Many customers prefer to give us a key or other method of entering their home.  We prefer that alarms be kept off for the day of cleaning.  If alarm must be armed, Maid This Way will not be responsible for a false alert.  All keys, codes, and methods of entry are securely stored.

Cleaner Safety:

Maid This Way reserves the right to remove our cleaners from your home should the environment become unsafe, our cancellation policy will apply. To protect health and safety of our cleaners, they do not move anything heavier than 30 lbs. Should you require us to clean behind heavy furniture or appliances, please move them prior to our arrival to allow access to the target area.

Should the home present health risks relating to viral, mold, bacteria and or infestation, we reserve the right to remove our staff from the home and our cancellation policy will apply. This may apply if our staff enter a home and someone in the home is sick and or showing symptoms of illness and the staff do not feel comfortable. If you are unsure, please contact our office immediately


Our employees are very important to us, and we are very serious about keeping them safe.

  1. We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder

  2. We do not move furniture or move anything heavier then 30 lbs. but will try to reach a visible place with an extension duster and or vacuum.

  3. If you would like us to clean behind appliances like a refrigerator, oven or large sofa, please move it prior to the cleaning to allow access to the desired area.

  4. If an employee feels that their personal safety is in danger (someone in the home is intoxicated, vicious animal not contained, etc.), and the employee leaves the job site, the client is still responsible for the full cost of the job. We will attempt to reach you by phone if this situation should arise.

  5. If an employee feels that their personal safety is in danger (someone in the home is intoxicated, vicious animal not contained, etc.), and the employee leaves the job site, the client is still responsible for the full cost of the job. We will attempt to reach you by phone if this situation should arise.

  6. To optimize your cleaning, it is to the client’s advantage to have clutter picked up as much as possible, allowing us to access all areas efficiently. At Maid This Way, we provide light straightening of the areas that we clean. However, if such areas or surfaces are cluttered at the time of cleaning, your team will clean around those areas, and you will be notified.

Fire arms/ Weapons:

For our protection and yours, in the unlikely event that you have firearms/ Weapons we ask that they be stored and locked away prior to our cleaning your home. We will not clean any rooms in which a firearm/ Weapon is visibly present.

Wear and Tear:

The longer we live in our homes, the more wear and tear builds up in it. Baseboards, bottom of showers and tubs, mold/mildew, excessive water spots and soap scum on glass shower doors, worn flooring (wood floors may need to be refinished) grout lines, window tracks, etc. are all areas where wear and tear will have an outcome on the final look of the cleaning. These areas may take more than one cleaning to improve in appearance or may not come clean at all. While we do offer to dust your blinds, excessive build up on blinds and shutters may require that you contact a professional blind cleaning company. We cannot be held liable for blinds/shutters, etc. that do not come 100% clean


Accidents do happen. If we are responsible for damages to your home or items in your home, we will leave a note for you and place a follow up call. We make every attempt to repair, replace or pay for any items that we have damaged. We will assume no liability for items not secured in a proper manner (example: heavy pictures hanging from thumb tacks, not anchored properly to walls, etc., pre-existing damages, scratches, dings in windows, paint, furniture, floors, walls, etc. Items of monetary or sentimental value should be put away on the day of cleaning and/or cleaned by home owner. All surfaces (i.e.: Marble, Granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be sealed and ready to be cleaned without causing harm/damage when common cleaners are used.

Employee Solicitation:

By entering into an agreement for services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Maid this Way for any cleaning-related services.

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